Meu Alimento

Image by Leo



Blogger the.chronicler said...

Great hat! What the heck is on the plate besides bread? Looks like an omelet.

Blogger Leonard Sadorf said...

"Mike's Special" was the "Meal You'll Never Get at Home". It was a 3-egg omlette with a whole lot of ham, cheese, tomato, onion. Mushrooms were .25 extra. That was the restaurant where Larry and I had the priveledge of eating lunch regularly with the Honorable Mr. Mayor Frank Zeidler. He was Mayor of Milwaukee from 1940 through 1964, a Socialist and Lutheran Sunday School teacher. He was an Icon of Milwaukee and passed away at 93 this past summer. His office was above the restaurant.

The cook, Mike Karnel, started the restaurant after the passing of his father, who had a butcher shop there until the mid '60's. This pic, ca. 1978, was taken when smoking was still allowed in restaurants and Mike would have a Lucky dangling from his mouth, chain-smoking all the while cooking. I got Mike to drop the smoke for this pic.

I took this shot for an ad Mike ran in the Milwaukee Journal back then, in exchange for 100 free lunches. It ran in the paper for many years and I got more than my 100 lunches. But, I figure, he got a lot of patrons from it too, so I guess it worked out.

Blogger the.chronicler said...

Leonard, when you come to the end of your days on Earth, truly you will be among the the rare few who can honestly say: "I have lived."

Blogger Leonard Sadorf said...

Gee, thanks Ted. That sure beats dying and saying "I have watched" as somany will die doing.


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