Lulu e Indian Charlie


Blogger Paula said...

Ah, love, sweet love...

...I enjoy this picture. It makes me smile!

Anonymous Ned Norris said...

Very good shot. I like it a lot. You have a great eye for people.

Blogger the.chronicler said...

The black dude has a tree growing out of his head, and you cut off people's @#$% feet! You call this photography?

Just kiddin' !

It is another amazing example of your ability to shoot on the streets.

Blogger Leonard Sadorf said...

Yes, but does the picture work? That is the bottom line in all of it. Hell with the rules if it works.

Blogger the.chronicler said...

Dude, read my whole response.

Anonymous H.O said...

Hi Leo :) very nice b&w shot. I really love like this image.
Have a nice weekend!

Blogger Pondering Pig said...

I have to agree with the Chronicler. I don't think you should cut off people's feet. It hurts, and then how will they get on the bus? Also, I don't believe these subjects are proper for photography. I like images of men wearing impeccable coats and ties and women with long dresses and pearls on their matronly bosoms. Could you please post more of these?

Blogger the.chronicler said...

YEAH!! More pearls on matronly bosoms, please. :-)

Anonymous Patrushka said...

You sure have to put up with a lot from your pals! Pay no attention to those bozos - this is a good shot. Makes me interested in the subjects - who they are, what they are like, if they're your friends...The picture has LIFE. (Except for the cigarettes!)


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